Accounts Receivable

SYSPRO Accounts Receivable improves receivables management by facilitating accurate invoice processing and ageing, timely statement delivery and revenue collection as well as efficient credit management. This in turn leads to improved cash flow and customer relationships. ​

Key benefits of Accounts Receivable

  • Multi-branch and multi-currency
  • Multi-period for timely period-end rollovers
  • Master/sub-account relationships for large enterprises
  • Flexible ageing, terms and discount options for improved customer relations
  • Multiple user-defined statement formats for different customer categories
  • Bulk emailing and faxing of customer statements for rapid processing and delivery
  • Instant access to all customer information, including outstanding invoices, sales orders and work in progress, for improved receivables management
  • Credit management, control and reporting tools aids collections for improved cash flow, debt management and early detection of bad debts
  • Configuration of recurring invoices for streamlined processing of repeat charges
  • Optional, automatically calculated finance charges for penalties on overdue accounts
  • Full transactional history for credit management and sales analysis​

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