Cosmic Fashion

“In the past, we had to budget R1 million for each upgrade to accommodate the conversion of all the customized programs and add-ons which cater for our specialized requirements. With SYSPRO 8, those conversions can now be done for R150 000 and that includes any further changes we might need to make after the upgrade.”
– Karen Magill – CFO, Cosmic Fashion Accessories

Customer Profile

Founded by the Thompson family in 1986, Cosmic Fashion Accessories has become one of the strongest growing companies in the global wholesale accessories market. The company has expanded from a mere 5 members at inception to a now total of over 250 staff nationwide. This includes the acquisition of new buyers and designers who have added yet another edge to the company’s expertise. The company’s ability now, not only to brings the trends from the streets of London, Milan, Paris, New York to the South African consumer, but also embraces the local talent and incorporates the unbelievable capacity of our young designers to assimilate global trends, with a flare of difference. Thus, creating one of South Africa’s most dynamic and creative, fast paced fashion accessory houses in the world.

The Business Challenge

Over the years, Cosmic required significant SYSPRO tailoring to accommodate its unique operational processes. Thus, as Cosmic grew and its operational processes became more extensive and more complicated, the company needed to contain the costs of converting its extensive add-on packages and customized programs with each upgrade.

The Solution

SYSPRO 8 provided Cosmic Fashion Accessories with a single platform, which incorporates the conversions of its specialized add-on programs, enabling the company to perform customizations as and when required. Furthermore, the company’s operational efficiency, reporting and system synchronization across corporate sections improved immeasurably.

The Outcome

The upgrade to SYSPRO 8 has seen Cosmic Fashion Accessories substantially reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance operational efficiencies.

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