SYSPRO offers a variety of job opportunities in the different operational areas of the organization. Our positions are advertised by recruitment agencies around the world and interviews take place at the local SYSPRO Office.

Skillset requirements will vary based on the job specification, but SYSPRO does aim to employ people who embody a similar set of values to those driving our brand and company culture.

Before applying for a position at SYSPRO, you may want to ask yourself the following questions which will help you to ascertain if you are someone who should be working for SYSPRO:

  • Am I an expert in my field?
    • Am I confident to put forward my expertise in an understandable way – do I stand up for my own ideas but also listens to others?
    • Is my opinion valued by my peers in the work environment , and where relevant, outside the work environment?
    • Do I proactively share my knowledge and insights for the benefit of others?
    • Do I take ownership of my mistakes, learn from experiences and draw lessons for future benefit?
  • Do I make a difference as an individual?
    • Do I accept responsibility for my own development and demonstrate a willingness for continual self-improvement?
    • Am I creative and practical in finding new ways of doing things smarter and faster?
    • Do I demonstrate involvement in looking for solutions to challenges?
    • Do I accept responsibility for finding out what, how and why tasks should be handled?
  • Am I smart in the way I work?
    • Do I actively look for trends and intelligently apply this insight?
    • Do I respond positively to a changing environment? (Change is part of SYSPRO and must be handled with confidence and enthusiasm)
    • Am I creative in finding practical solutions to challenges?
    • Do I remain calm and collected when dealing with several tasks at once?
  • Am I reliable?
    • Do I perform work in a structured, systematic way and complete it accurately and within agreed timeframes?
    • Do I effectively implement feedback to improve service delivery?
    • Do I show consistency in words and actions when dealing with others or performing tasks?
    • Do I consistently apply company values when performing tasks or dealing with others?
    • Do I show willingness to learn and adapt to changing circumstances?
  • Am I tenacious?
    • Do I cope with and perform well during demanding and extensive tasks?
    • Do I resolve challenges timeously, practically and effectively?
    • Do I focus energy and thought in the completion of my own work related goals?
  • Am I responsive?
    • Do I understand and react appropriately to the urgency of problems?
    • Do I exercise good judgment in problem escalation?
    • Do I respond to requests and demands in a positive manner?
    • Can I apply multiple skills and a flexible approach towards service delivery?
    • Do I choose the correct level of interaction when dealing with different people?
  • Am I open?
    • Do I accept constructive feedback from others?
    • Do I actively listen and understand the opinions of others?
    • Am I prepared to learn from others and respect their opinions?
    • Do I communicate openly, honestly and fairly with everyone?
    • Do I demonstrate the ability and willingness to search for common ground when a conflict of interest arises?

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