ERP Technology

We build your software to be agile and to keep pace with the growth and direction of business software. Your investment is kept top of mind when embracing technology so that our software ensures:

  • your systems remains current – our software keeps on track with latest technological innovations
  • you have all the room you need for growth – SYSPRO ERP software accommodates multi-national organizations with hundreds of subsidiaries, and operates in high-volume single server instances.
  • your staff remain productive – User friendly, intuitive interface that can be customized by user.
  • your ERP software interfaces with other applications your company makes use of ensuring better control and management reporting
  • you are flexible enough to interface with customer and supplier systems, if required, ensuring better order and delivery performance
  • you have a choice of deployment options to suit your business and your budget
  • your data is completely secure in a MS SQL Database
  • your processes are strictly adhered to using our workflow services
  • you can access you system anytime, anywhere from the device of your choice

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SYSPRO’s software is unique because it is based on a single code base, rather than being a mixture of different applications acquired over time. The software is developed around business objects, components or blocks of code that represent a specific set of business rules and processes. Because of its component-based architecture, SYSPRO’s functionality can be continually extended through the addition of new components, whether they are internally developed additions, or new technology from a partner.

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