SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to mid-market companies around the world.

What is Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a standards-based approach for deploying loosely-integrated services, and is particularly suited for a Web-based world and environments using multiple application platforms.

Using SOA can bring increased flexibility and agility to a system, and improved information exchange.

SYSPRO Pioneers Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to Mid-Market

SYSPRO was one of the first ERP vendors to bring Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to the mid-market to drive interoperability with multiple applications, providing the following benefits to our customers around the world:

  • Cost-saving Integration Framework - Our cost-saving, efficiency-building SYSPRO Integration Framework has enabled various types of businesses around the world to integrate people, processes and strategic information to maximize operational efficiencies, enhance the customer experience and facilitate growth.
  • Integrates Easily with other Applications - Manufacturing and distribution companies using SYSPRO gain the ability to easily integrate with other line-of-business applications, and analyze and report from data sourced from both SYSPRO and non-SYSPRO applications.
  • Development and Customization Functionality - Provides a simplified development environment in which developers can customize SYSPRO's business functionality to suit end-user requirements.
  • Work directly with SYSPRO business logic and data - SYSPRO and data to be accessed and updated via a network or over the Internet but still within the control of SYSPRO business and security rules.

SYSPRO's service oriented architecture ensures your business systems can:

  • Order Online - Enable customers to email or place orders over the Internet, without having to recapture the information manually
  • Update Order Status - Allow trusted suppliers to update the status of an order on your system
  • External Devices - Support information interchange with external devices
  • Customization - Customize SYSPRO's business functionality to suit specific requirements
  • Eliminate siloed applications – Ensures all business information and operations are integrated, giving you one platform – SYSPRO - from which to run your business.
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