SYSPRO incorporates a number of facilities aimed at securing the organization's system from unauthorized access. Security measures range from login authentication to passwords and access levels configured per operator against programs, transactions, activities and fields.

The various levels at which security within SYSPRO can be defined, enable you to implement internal controls according to your own business requirements. SYSPRO also provides you with the ability to tailor security measures to be as simple or as finely tuned as their operating environment requires.

Besides utilizing standard security features such as password control and group and operator maintenance facilities, administrators can control access down to certain business processes, companies, modules, menus, and program functions and activities:- as well as visibility to transactional data for key codes such as warehouse, banks, salespersons, ledger etc.

Role-based security is an optional security feature that consolidates existing security facilities within SYSPRO, allowing them to be configured by role. This enables an administrator to assign an operator to a role and provides a much simpler mechanism when managing security - especially for a larger number of operators and when new operators join an organization.

The Role Management system allows an administrator to add new roles and configure them as required.

Alternatively, the role-based security can be configured against activities while designing workflows - against the activity you can select if the activity is secure and which roles have access to it. When you deploy the workflow, the role-based settings are displayed in the Role Management program, where you can maintain the settings if required.

You can control SYSPRO's user interface for individual operators based on their role within the organization. This provides a simplified means for a System Administrator to pre-configure and control the user interface that is presented to a SYSPRO operator.

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