Please contact your local SYSPRO office as this module may not be available in your region The Request for Quote (RFQ) module is designed for purchasing agents or those providing quotes to request quotations from one or multiple suppliers of raw materials, sub-assemblies, or goods for resale. This process will facilitate the recording, tracking, and comparison of all quotation prices and delivery dates received. Ultimately, this improves efficiency and reduces costs by automating the decision process.

The Request for Quote may be submitted by standard mail, fax, or email to the selected suppliers. The returned bids are captured, reviewed, and on approval the accepted bids are converted into Blanket Purchase Order contracts, standard Purchase Orders, or Requisitions. These are then maintained in the Purchase Order module.

The RFQ module allows for informed purchasing decision-making by eliminating manual or redundant tasks and consolidating isolated data. All RFQs are archived along with the bids received; improving visibility and controls over a company’s purchasing expenditures.

The benefits of RFQ

  • Single entry point for multiple submissions
  • Eliminate manual and redundant tasks
  • Consolidate silos of information
  • Submit to SYSPRO and non-SYSPRO suppliers
  • Generate RFQ for contracts about to expire
  • Capture all bids against RFQ
  • Review purchase history of item
  • Review all bids on a single screen
  • Review bid history by supplier or stock code
  • Obtain best prices and delivery options
  • Easy bid-approval process
  • Retain history of all bids per RFQ
  • Initiate contract from approved bid
  • Full query function with drill-down to detail lines, bids, and submitted suppliers
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