SYSPRO Report Writer enables you to produce simple customized reports and extracts. The simple, menu-driven design provides instant access to system data with no programming skills required.

The Report Writer system allows you to send reports to the printer, a screen preview or an ASCII file. Data can be read and written back to the database to facilitate mass updates. Data from third party sources can be used in reports. Data can also be exported to third party software such as spreadsheets, word processors, databases, etc.

The benefits of Report Writer

  • Click-and-go reporting via the Report Wizard
  • Intuitive interface and built-in data dictionary for easy report design by users without programming skills
  • Standard database table linkages for easy reporting across multiple tables
  • Custom report formatting to suit your company standards
  • Bitmap backgrounds for watermarks and company logos
  • Drill-down summary reports can drill down to detail
  • Automatic publishing to internet and intranets
  • XML output wizard for ease of publishing
  • Customisable style sheets for company themes, or plain XML
  • Flexible selection criteria based on run-time prompts
  • Run-time selection of summary or detail reporting
  • Drill down from summary to detailed transactions
  • Multi-level security for sensitive reports and data
  • Secured database update function
  • Security for report creation and execution