SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) is a personalized baseline business process modeling tool which integrates SYSPRO software with the customer’s requirements. SPM provides a model-driven architecture which enables companies to align information technology with organizational strategy, business objectives and sustainability. SPM provides a transparent view of an enterprise’s uniquely modeled processes and organizational roles.

The benefits of SYSPRO Process Modeling

  • Transparency of business processes across the enterprise
  • System configurations and processes contained in a set of inter-related models, instead of a number of disparate documents
  • Visibility of SYSPRO functions and features
  • Central repository for a company’s unique process requirements, as well as all modifications, whether at business process or system level
  • Pre-defined and modeled industry-standard business processes to get started
  • Standardization of business models across different organizational business units
  • Fully modeled SYSPRO solution architecture, including menus, sub-menus, screens and panes
  • Modeled system data structures, roles and security
  • Design and definition of integration with third-party applications
  • Workflow processes and roles
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