SYSPRO Office Integration (SOI) enables anyone in the enterprise to access information directly and securely from the SYSPRO database using a Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel, regardless of whether SYSPRO is installed on the client machine.
Furthermore, once the information has been displayed it can be inserted directly into the current document as simple text or tables.

Users running SYSPRO and Windows 7 now have access to something called SYSPRO Gadgets. These are mini-programs which can be put on the Windows desktop and provide SYSPRO information at a glance as well as easy access to frequently used tools. Current access includes inventory, supplier and customer information.

SYSPRO Federated Search uses the Windows 7 Federated Search capability to enable users to search multiple sources, such as local folders, Web applications and databases and retrieve the information in the familiar Windows Explorer interface.

SYSPRO Catalogue, using Windows presentation Foundation (WPF), enables you to view your organization's inventory items in the format of an online catalogue or brochure.

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