SYSPRO General Ledger Financial Reporting enables the generation of any number of financial statements in multiple output formats to meet the requirements of your organization.

The benefits of General Financial Reporting

  • Comparative analysis between financial years, actual to budget, companies or branches
  • Specifically structured for financial reporting, with sample templates for getting started
  • Flexible design capabilities for reporting from multiple companies, periods and years, in local and foreign currency
  • Access to financial data from multiple companies at the same time. This simplifies consolidation across departments, divisions or companies and can improve business visibility.
  • Flexible account selection options, including the ability to use wildcards or select by a user-defined group code
  • Options for printing, viewing online, and extracting to file formats, such as comma-delimited, .pdf and XML
  • Run-time prompts for flexibility when running reports
  • In-line editing from output previews for convenience
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