SYSPRO Executive Dashboards providegives executives a quick and easy way to summarize complex information and present it in an easily way to view their company’s performance in real-time. Designed to be an interactive visual representations of real-time data, enabling business managers to measure and monitor business performance, and conduct what-if modelling.

SYSPRO Executive Dashboards provide a number of predefined dashboards that enable executives to gain an immediate view of their business through a simple select-and-drop mechanism. SYSPRO recognizes that every executive has unique information requirements and therefore additional dashboards can be created through the use of Crystal Dashboard Designer(1)
. This allows businesses the flexibility to personalize their dashboards or even build their own custom applications.

(1) Crystal Dashboard Designer is a product which delivers next-generation visual analysis tools that allows users of different skill levels in small, mid-size, and enterprise companies transform complex business data into actionable visual information

The benefits of Executive Dashboards

  • Visibility and insight on in all aspects of your business to better manage it
  • Measure your performance throughout your organization and thus improve it
  • Visually appealing desktop views of real-time KPIs and what-if models
  • Times savings spend less time running reports
  • Provision of a number of predefined drag-and-drop dashboards