The role of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution by providing a framework in which information can be delivered in the appropriate way and at the right time, so that plans can be reviewed, objective progress assessed, and performance evaluated. In this way EPM enables businesses to achieve the following important goals:

  • Real-time access to operational information
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Target-oriented management

Companies with experience in Business Intelligence (BI) applications should not assume that EPM is just another name for something they have been doing for some time. BI is a technology solution, whereas EPM is a business strategy and process which uses BI tools, among others.

While a number of the applications that make up EPM could be in use already, SYSPRO's EPM solutions provide the framework to align those applications together for a common strategic purpose and to assist in driving all parts of the business in the same direction towards common objectives. This ensures a centralized, integrated information system is in place.

SYSPRO's EPM suite of solutions including Process Modeling, Executive Dashboards, Analytics, financial analysis and boardroom quality reporting, provide appropriate information to:

  • Analyze business conditions and trends
  • Monitor and measure progress and performance
  • Gain visibility into operations and bottlenecks

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