EDI Solution is seamlessly integrated with the SYSPRO ERP solution to facilitate the mapping and translating that is required to exchange business transactions automatically and electronically in the traditional standardized formats between trading partners.

EDI Solution is simple to setup, providing an intuitive question and answer system to customize the imports and exports for each of your partners - no mapping or knowledge of the database is required.

EDI Solution promotes better customer service by eliminating errors caused by manual data entry. The rapid transmission of business documents improves efficiency by providing faster turnaround in the order/shipping/ invoice cycle. Furthermore, the EDI Solution can be fully automated and offers a number of communication methods.

The Benefits of EDI Solution

  • Support just-in-time (JIT) ordering objectives
  • Accommodate complex requirements of specific suppliers in standardized formats
  • Shorten the order/shipping cycle with rapid electronic processing of documents between trading partners
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating unnecessary manual data entry
  • Multiple methods of communication:
  • The traditional Value Added Network provider (VAN)
  • AS2 and the Web
  • Built-in FTP facility
  • Automatically translate and process incoming documents into SYSPRO sales orders
  • Generate return documents (shipping notices and invoices) for processing by the trading partners computer system
  • Promote better customer service through in creased responsiveness
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