Consumer Goods Technology Report on Trade Promotion Management Indicates Market Need for Better Trade Promotion Scrutiny

COSTA MESA, Calif. - June 30, 2011 - SYSPRO, a global, independent developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, announced today that the SYSPRO Trade Promotion and Deductions Management System fills a market void. SYSPRO made the announcement in response to a report in the June, 2011, issue of Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine. The comprehensive report, "2011 Sales and Marketing Report – Trade Promotion Management," states, "With trade promotion management (TPM) as the second largest cost item on the CG manufacturer's P&L statement...we'd expect a much greater level of scrutiny..."

The comprehensive SYSPRO Trade Promotion and Deductions Management System automates supplier initiated trade promotions, including Trade Promotion Management, Deductions Management, Complex Pricing and Multi-tier Credit Checking. A highly cost-effective, functionally rich, integrated solution, the SYSPRO Trade Promotion and Deductions Management System (TPM) is targeted at SMB (small and medium-size) manufacturers and distributors that sell products through retail outlets. The SYSPRO TPM eliminates labor-intensive investigations and manual calculations, high-end, costly Tier One software systems or stand-alone solutions that require extensive integration to the ERP system. The SYSPRO TPM improves the accuracy and efficiency of the tedious and time-consuming processes traditionally associated with periodic accrual and deduction review activities.

The SYSPRO TPM enables suppliers to plan and execute successful promotions while maintaining tight monetary controls. It facilitates the management of vendor allowances as well as charge backs and claims. By limiting unearned deductions, suppliers have the opportunity to realize substantial savings and improve cash flow.

The SYSPRO TPM allows multi-tier credit checking across a hierarchical structure so companies can easily establish intelligent credit limits at the highest tier and have lower tier transactions rolled up into the highest tier for checking credit limits. The system also automatically checks credit limits for incoming EDI orders.

SYSPRO TPM enables a company to set common and practical promotion rules, establish pricing based on individual products, product classes or groups and extend promotions to a select class of customers or geographic areas. It allows users to easily identify qualified promotions and to select them at the time of order entry. Because pricing groups cover multiple line items in order entry, users can easily recalculate prices at any time. Additionally, the system enables product groups to be designated by specific prices or percentage discounts. Off invoice promotions can take the form of price changes, line promotions or order promotions. The system facilitates the tracking of accrued promotions, matching them with specific deduction codes and even automatically applies applicable pricing and qualified promotions for incoming EDI orders. A Deduction Review Facility allows credit managers to easily authorize or reject and reinstate deductions.

SYSPRO TPM features recording flexibility. Because different companies may want to view and report ten different ways, the SYSPRO TPM gives users the flexibility to create statistical reports in any number of ways using third party report writers or the SYSPRO Report Writer.

Because the SYSPRO Trade Promotion and Deductions Management System fully links to other SYSPRO ERP modules, SMB distributors that rely heavily on trade promotions can experience all the efficiencies of an integrated supply chain solution. With a foundation of SYSPRO ERP, manufacturers and distributors can coordinate the management of trade promotions with SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management to administer complex business relationships, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling to maximize on-time deliveries throughout the supply chain and SYSPRO E-Commerce, SYSPRO Web Applications and EDI to facilitate supply chain communications, since EDI is typically a requirement to do business with larger retail outlets.

The SYSPRO TPM solution also accommodates free goods promotions, automatically generating line items at zero prices for the appropriate quantities based on user-defined thresholds. Added facilities, including defaults and copy, facilitate the setting up of promotions. Accrued promotions can be grouped by type to ease promotion management, adjustments and payments. And, promotions may be applied to the sub-accounts of a master account to save time and enhance management.

According to SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti, "SYSPRO ERP addresses all the issues that distributors are faced with in today's highly competitive environment. Such issues include complex pricing, warehouse management, inventory control and other materials, cost and cash management capabilities that must be addressed to enhance operational efficiencies."

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