"SYSPRO May Have Outpaced SAP," Says Report

COSTA MESA, Calif. – February 10, 2014 -- SYSPRO, a provider of world class, award-winning ERP Solutions for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that analyst Ann Grackin has described SYSPRO as an "innovative" ERP producer" in the Chainlink Research Report, "ERP 2014 . . . The Path to Greatness."

Grackin poses the scenario: "My future is dawning. Which company will enable my path to greatness through their innovation and execution excellence?" She notes that the stakes are particularly high in the enterprise space and goes on to say that there are two dynamic aspects of the ERP market now: "innovation and leadership."

"Innovation should be the cornerstone of a technology company," says Grackin . . . "The market is divided between continued investors/innovators, those left behind, and those in recovery. And size is not the determining factor. SAP vs. SYSPRO is a good example. SYSPRO, relatively speaking, may have outpaced SAP in many ways with their efforts to transform their software and user experience."

Grackin notes that ERP providers have to deal with 3 critical factors that should be driving their innovation:

  • Technology expectations

  • Retiring population and entrée of the young

  • Highly competitive ERP market

In light of the above, Grackin stresses the importance of the User Interface: ". . . A well-designed user interface makes understanding the technology easier from implementation on day one, to the day-to-day use to the day of reckoning—change..A good UI will be the key to positive user adoption (sales) in the future. Though one cannot boil down the momentum of the market and specific companies into one factor, developing an elegant and truly functional UI cannot be ignored if one wants to compete successfully for new dollars." The SYSPRO 7 release features a tiles-based user interface similar to the Windows 8 concept, improved navigation using a new dashboard-based navigation menu, and new themes and flow graphs that simplify the interface for the end user.

Click here to access the ChainLink Research Paper "ERP 2014 . . . The Path to Greatness".

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