Numerous reports the result of a Preview to Analyst and User Community

JOHANNESBURG – SYSPRO one of the longest-standing developers of ERP systems for mid-market organizations worldwide, announced today that the planned general release of its new SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution is on schedule. This groundbreaking mobile framework was recently previewed by global technology analysts who have generated more than a dozen reports on its imminent release.

SYSPRO Espresso is targeted at manufacturing and distribution executives who require immediate access to decision-making information, as well as employees who are not office bound and who require secure access to real time data. The SYSPRO Espresso architecture is one of the first platforms of its kind to use a single source codebase (for the business logic) to create native applications for any mobile device, with built-in powerful customization capabilities both for the end-user and for developers to engage. SYSPRO Espresso is purpose built and leverages leading edge HTML 5, Microsoft technology and tools. Once SYSPRO Espresso has been released, Espresso applications will be made available from the SYSPRO App Store.

Most recently in the public arena, SYSPRO Espresso has been reported on by IDC Analyst Scott Tiazkun in the IDC Manufacturing Insights blogging community. The newest discussion on the product can be seen at

Other analyst reports have appeared from Technology Evaluation Centers, Aberdeen Group, Mint Jutras and several others.

"SYSPRO, like many enterprise application companies, knows it has to keep up with all the macro trends that impact the IT world, such as mobility, cloud/SaaS offerings and compelling consumer-friendly UIs," says IDC’s Tiazkun in the discussion. "Based on the look and feel, inherent simplicity, and no-nonsense functionality that Espresso delivers, SYSPRO should be able to keep its large satisfied customer base happy with this new mobility app."


SYSPRO has earned the trust of thousands of companies globally for its suite of visionary software that enhances the competitive thrust of small/mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

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