Trailer Manufacturer Uses SYSPRO ERP to Maintain its Competitive Edge in a Challenging Industry Environment

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA - September 18, 2012 - SYSPRO, one of the longest-standing, global ERP providers, announces the success of its ERP software in increasing efficiency and optimizing resources at Arctic Manufacturing, a British Columbia based manufacturer of stock and custom-designed commercial trailers for heavy transportation. With the current challenges faced by the Western Canadian forestry industry and the decreased demand for forest products in the United States, Arctic needed to find ways to boost efficiency, cut costs and streamline its business operations. The highly flexible SYSPRO ERP has helped Arctic deal with the difficulties faced by its industry and stay competitive in a highly evolving market, within a framework of simplicity that has resulted in the optimal use of internal resources.

Arctic relies on efficient business processes to maintain its competitive edge in difficult times. When looking for an ERP solution, they focused their search on an ERP software vendor that could accommodate all their specific needs, including robust inventory control, as well as offer the flexibility and scalability to grow seamlessly with their business at a price they could afford. The SYSPRO ERP was an ideal fit for Arctic's requirements and continues to play a key role in their business strategy, allowing Arctic to integrate its key operations, and synchronize, plan and optimize its available resources in order to succeed in the global marketplace. The SYSPRO ERP also offers key stakeholders a wealth of real-time information that greatly enhances the insight of company decision makers. Currently, Arctic uses most of SYSPRO's inventory, manufacturing, tracking, reporting, analysis and accounting modules, boosting efficiency and allowing for easy data access across the company.

"One of the most important consequences of using SYSPRO is that our inventory control has tightened considerably, without having to add additional people or increase anybody's workload," says Blair Stunder, General Manager of Arctic Manufacturing. "Whenever you can increase your access to data without adding to staff or work levels, it's a good thing. In general, with SYSPRO, we're getting more accomplished, with fewer people, than has ever been possible before."

Despite Arctic's increasingly complex uses of the SYSPRO machinery and equipment ERP, this has not translated into further complications for staff. The SYSPRO ERP has made managing customer and supplier relationships easier on Arctic employees by automatically emailing out purchase orders, reducing long-distance phone calls and most importantly order entry errors. Arctic employees can also customize the SYSPRO interface so that their screen displays what is relevant for their specific job. This customization allows employees to optimize their workflow and focus on what is important to their role.

"With all the flexibility built into SYSPRO, it pretty much fits our business needs right out of the box. Many of our employees have worked with other ERPs and are impressed with SYSPRO's ease of data retrieval," says Stunder. "Our employees also appreciate how simple it is to customize the interface. We've had no problems to speak of. SYSPRO is a stable, reliable, low-maintenance ERP system, and it does what it's supposed to do six days a week, every week of the year."

About Arctic Manufacturing

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