Manufacturer of engineering, marine and telemetry systems BGB Innovation is aiming to reduce the time it spends on accounting by up to 60 per cent after investing in a new integrated enterprise resource planning system from K3 Syspro (K3). The new SYSPRO 6.1 solution replaces an outdated legacy system and will help the company improve shop floor data collection and provide better integration with its Bill of Material (BOM) imports.

BGB has seen annual growth of approximately 30% over previous years and now requires a company-wide system to support this growth. Additional modules were needed for HR and payroll, and the full solution needed to integrate seamlessly with its existing CAD system. K3 Syspro designed a bespoke solution complete with advanced human resource management software Equator to help BGB to significantly reduce its quote times. DataSwitch was also included in the deal to allow BGB to communicate data from its vault system, to its existing system.

"Previously, we had to manually upload all our order information into our old MRP system and then manually load all the data to a CSV file for reporting. This was a cumbersome process which took about three days out of our working week. SYSPRO provides a one-stop-shop for this operation and manages our entire order processes, from delivery to invoicing," said Chris Hardcastle, Production Manager, BGB Innovation.

BGB examined three different ERP solutions in great detail before selecting SYSPRO from K3 Syspro. The versatility of the software, its ease of use, and the fact that it included a range of individual modules to best address the needs of the business, were important factors in the overall decision. K3 Syspro's knowledge of the company's needs and its overall knowledge of SYSPRO ERP were also key factors.

"The more our business grew, the more our existing system struggled to keep up with us so we knew we needed something better which allowed the type of reporting we were currently lacking," explains Chris Hardcastle. "We had previously come across K3 Syspro a few years ago and remembered being impressed with their approach to our business. The fact that SYSPRO has a similar interface to Microsoft Outlook meant that it was fairly intuitive to use and the customisation of the software meant that it had the capacity to grow with our business."

BGB Innovation is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical Slip Ring Systems, Underwater Lighting & Camera Solutions and Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs). Technology is a critical part of its business operations and the company is on track to go live with SYSPRO at the beginning of September 2013.

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