EnCore Interiors Chooses SYSPRO to Gain Insight into Operations, Consolidate Reporting, Meet Exacting Customer Requirements

COSTA MESA, Calif. - April 22, 2014 -- SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that EnCore Interiors, Irvine, CA-based supplier of aircraft interiors and composite structures to the aerospace community, has selected SYSPRO ERP software and is implementing the solution at the company's California operations in Irvine, Seal Beach and Brea.

Zach Rush, EnCore Technology Manager, explains that the company had been using Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks but needed a more sophisticated solution to "consolidate reporting, better control inventories, gain insight into operations and meet exacting customer demands, among other requirements."

Says Rush, "We needed to get all our operations integrated and on the same path. To be clearly ahead, we wanted a solution that will provide us visibility – and the tools to tell us where we stand. For example, one of our weaker points was materials control, and this is one of the principle reasons which prompted our search for ERP. We need to make sure that we have all our customer orders filled on time and that we have all the materials to support production and so on."

Rush explains that EnCore was on the verge of selecting Epicor, but after EnCore's employees viewed the demonstrations provided by SYSPRO, they voted to go with SYSPRO based on the software's ease of use and the ability to "tailor" the solution to meet the exacting needs of EnCore and EnCore's customers. "For example," he says, "a lot of our employees weren't used to using ERP software, but because SYSPRO looks like Windows and has a tailorable interface, we felt the transition to the new software would be easier with SYSPRO."

Rush voices enthusiasm over the implementation assistance provided by SYSPRO and the SYSPRO team's development of applications to meet the specific needs of EnCore's largest customers. Says Rush, "The implementation expertise provided by SYSPRO has been ‘awesome.' " He muses, "Normally, when you buy software, they give you a bunch of support ahead of time and then they kind of drop you. However, SYSPRO service has been exemplary."

Rush also explains that the company's largest customer, Boeing, had been urging EnCore to select a system that could also support the requirements of Boeing's suppliers.

Commensurately, SYSPRO developed a solution that enables Boeing to submit orders in a spreadsheet format with the ability of EnCore to enter the list into SYSPRO ERP without any data entry conversion. "In fact," says Rush, "SYSPRO not only developed the solution, but also supported EnCore by being present to respond to questions when the solution was demonstrated to Boeing personnel. Not only was Boeing very impressed, never having seen a supplier exhibit such dedication, but Encore is now also listed among Boeing's top vendor providers, and we have seen an increase in order from Boeing as a result."

About EnCore Interiors

EnCore supplies aircraft interiors and composite structures to the aerospace community through a combination of innovative designs, manufacturing excellence and a personal commitment to the company's employees and customers. EnCore has established two platforms -- EnCore Interiors and EnCore Composite Structures. The interior division has two facilities, one dedicated to monuments (i.e., galleys, lavatories, etc.) located in Irvine, California, and one focusing on Floor Panels for Boeing, located in Seal Beach, California.

The Irvine facility has seen sales increase four-fold since EnCore acquired the operation in April, 2011. Growth has been so robust that the operations in Irvine will be moving to a facility in Huntington Beach in 2014 to double the capacity. The Seal Beach building is gearing up to supply integrated Floor Panels for all B737 and B747 aircraft beginning in 2014.

EnCore's composite structures division operates out of 120,000 square feet in Brea, California. Complex composite structures (i.e., engine nacelles, ducting, etc.) are produced to serve the growing demand for composite structures on both commercial and military aircraft. EnCore projects revenues (firm backlog) to be near $100MM by 2015.


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