Ecotrend goes live with SYSPRO's award-winning "real time" business software

BURNABY, British Columbia - November 21, 2013 - SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today the successful implementation of SYSPRO ERP at Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd., a Vancouver-based distributor of premium healthcare products.

According to Ecotrend's Supply Chain Manager, Sergei Kadach, the implementation was performed on time, and within five percent of the allotted budget.

"We started working on our SYSPRO implementation in January of this year," says Kadach, "and we went live on March 1st. Working closely with a great team from SYSPRO Business Solutions [a member of SYSPRO's Value Added Reseller channel], the project took us two months from start to finish, which is a very good result for any ERP implementation. We were also pleased in terms of cost. We only went over budget by five percent, which is a good result."

Ecotrend made the move to SYSPRO after determining that its previous ERP had ceased to meet company requirements. "Our old ERP system was dated, slow, and presented us with limitations in the way we wanted to set up our workflow," says Kadach. "SYSPRO, on the other hand, is modular and highly customizable – we can now implement any workflow we want."

Implementing SYSPRO has allowed Ecotrend to optimize its business processes and integrate critical information across the entire enterprise. "One of reasons we chose SYSPRO," says Kadach, "is its status as a 'real time' ERP system – information regarding processes such as Purchase Orders and Sales Orders, as well as Inventory status, is continuously updated. As a company we focus on efficiency, and an important part of that is the ease with which we can retrieve and disseminate data. We submit a great number of reports every day, which was labour intensive using our old ERP. Now, with SYSPRO, we can automate that entire block of tasks."

Because Ecotrends is a distribution company, the implementation focused on SYSPRO modules that provide a high degree of control over critical areas such as Operations and Inventory. "We also distribute into the United States," says Kadach, "where we maintain a second warehouse. SYSPRO gives us the ability to integrate information from multiple warehouses, which will allow us to better serve our customers on both sides of the border."

About Ecotrend Ecologics

Ecotrend Ecologics is a Vancouver-based Natural Health Products distributor committed to holistic, non-toxic, and natural alternatives for human health. An industry-leader in the health products sector, Ecotrend has been offering broad product selection and superior support since 1988. Today Ecotrend manages over 3,800 retail and professional accounts and 101 suppliers.


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