To comply with a growing number of local and international waste and recycling regulations, such as the Green Dot® program and the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, you must have the capability to record, track and measure your compliance initiatives and to report on demand.

SYSPRO's flexible features and integrated nature ensure rapid access to centralized compliance information enabling accurate declarations and fee calculations. Custom forms facilitate the definition of user-defined characteristics, such as the concentration of heavy metals, against key data including products, materials, lots and serials.

Electronic signatures in SYSPRO provide rigorous transaction-level security, tracking and auditability, as well as the facility to trigger notifications and other actions, such as transferring data to 3rd-party applications and databases. On-demand compliance reporting is facilitated across the system by electronic signatures and SYSPRO Reporting Services, while SYSPRO Workflow systems enable the consistent and rapid deployment of compliance processes.

In the asset-intensive mining industry, plant breakdown or equipment failure can result in costly downtime and lost production that may be unrecoverable.

SYSPRO provides the tools to help you to ensure that maintenance operations are not compromised through stock-outs of critical inventory, whilst SYSPRO's Solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate SYSPRO with best-of-breed CMMS systems.

SYSPRO's material requirements planning functionality gives you an integrated picture of your time-phased demand and supply, enabling you to model 'what-if' scenarios to produce viable maintenance plans. Independent demand for spares is catered for through the use of SYSPRO's multi-level MPS and forecasting functionality. Inventory order-point indicators, such as reorder point, minimum/maximum levels and safety stock, provide the tools for other replenishment-planning approaches which may be better suited to optimizing inventory in your environment.

Through the powerful tools in the Inventory Optimization suite of modules, SYSPRO enables you to better understand and quantify your risk profile. Key elements that drive inventory, such as forecasts, lead times, supplier performance and service levels, are coordinated, tracked and controlled to determine risk, evaluate supplier reliability and calculate optimal safety stocks. This is turn enables the modeling and formulation of more accurate target inventories and appropriate inventory policies.

SYSPRO's Contact Management system helps you to manage your relationships with contract manufacturers through the recording and tracking of all interactions, while the blanket purchase order functionality facilitates the creation, management and electronic communication of the details of the outsourcing contracts that you have negotiated.

For mass production and vendor-managed inventory environments, SYSPRO's powerful forecasting, and material requirements planning functionality give you the means to provide suppliers with visibility to time-phased component requirements out into the future; in make- and engineer-to-order environments, sub-contract manufacturing services for a particular job are placed on suppliers via optionally linked purchase orders. Component tracking and quality management is enhanced through SYSPRO's quality management, lot traceability and serial tracking systems.

Work in progress, bill of materials (BOM) and engineering change control (ECC) functionality enables you to cost and manage your BOM design changes and include tasks, actions and notifications for your contract suppliers in the electronic ECC workflow. Furthermore, synchronization of your internal production facility with any reserved capacity at your contract suppliers is facilitated by SYSPRO's powerful factory scheduling features.

SYSPRO's multi-currency and landed cost tracking features enable you to better estimate the true landed cost of your outsourced production, while the GRN suspense and supplier invoice matching features provide the mechanism to track your purchase price variances.

SYSPRO provides essential integrated visibility to your accounting, distribution and manufacturing operations, thereby enabling you to easily identify and track your cost elements and to target areas of waste for improvement programs.

It offers Standard, Average, Last, FIFO and LIFO costing methods flagged at warehouse level, as well as actual-cost tracking, thereby providing accurate operations-focused inventory valuation, which in turn supplies accurate input for product pricing and profitability. Comprehensive multi-level costing of manufactured items is provided through SYSPRO Bill of Materials and Work in Progress.

SYSPRO's Activity Based Costing enables you to more accurately apportion overhead costs to specific products. The activity-based approach, where appropriate, seeks reasons other than volume to apportion overhead costs. AB Costing attempts to more accurately attribute overhead costs to specific products by applying them at the points of transition in the procurement, manufacturing and sales cycle.

SYSPRO's cost roll-up and implosion functionality, along with user-friendly costing queries, provides fast access to reliable information on which to base pricing and profit margins. In addition, its extensive what-if costing features enable modeling and comparison of the cost effects of alternative inputs for raw materials, production routes, labor rates and subcontractor rates.

SYSPRO provides work-in-progress tracking, enabling evaluation of detailed actual-versus- expected costs, as well as targets for cost savings and continuous improvement programs. Visibility to production scheduling, along with what-if sequencing and scheduling tools, enhance manufacturing agility and competitiveness and help to prevent lost sales in unpredictable demand environments.

Excess inventories tie up valuable resources both in terms of cost and warehouse management. SYSPRO helps you optimize, manage and track your inventories through its Inventory Optimization, Warehouse Management, Inventory, Material Requirements Planning, Purchase Order and Work in Progress solutions. In addition, the Purchase Order and Landed Cost Tracking systems provide a more accurate estimate of the full landed cost of imported goods, with the GRN matching and reconciliation features facilitating electronic reconciliation of supplier deliveries and charges.

SYSPRO's General Ledger analysis provides a means of distributing transaction values to ledger accounts together with analysis information. This reduces the need to create individual ledger accounts for certain categories of expenses, such as security, repairs and maintenance or general expenses. It also eliminates the need to manually analyze such general ledger accounts.

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