The naming of SYSPRO as a technological innovator is a reflection of the company's continuous product innovation of its ERP offering. It is also due to the judicious introduction of SYSPRO's powerful breakthrough framework architecture "Quantum ArchitectureTM", at a time when the mindset of manufacturers and distributors is being heavily influenced by new technology enabling trends.

Today manufacturers and distributors not only want to adopt proven solutions, but ones that have been technologically advanced to the point where they can immediately gain the benefits of leading technology and in so doing gain the operational efficiencies and marketing acumen that will enable them to leap frog over the competition.

Geoffrey Moore, author of the book "Crossing the Chasm", theorizes that there exists a deep divide (a "chasm") between the early adopters of technology products (the "technology enthusiasts" and the "visionaries") and those who seek to adopt technologies only after they have been proven (the "pragmatists"). SYSPRO Quantum Architecture has successfully crossed the "chasm" by creating a bridge comprised of a history of continuous innovation that does not force a significant change of behavior by the customer, but rather that enables the easy adoption of technology that will be continually advanced.

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