SYSPRO provides a number of features to assist you in the control and management of hazardous and dangerous goods with regards to storage, packing and transportation. Multi-warehouse functionality enables you to create virtual warehouses, and bins within warehouses, to represent separate dangerous goods storage areas for specific items. The multimedia features enable you to, per stock code, link and display graphical, video and text information, such as material safety data sheets, dangerous goods safety marks, and safety gear icons. Operators then have access to view and print the information when required.

The system's flexible custom form functionality enables you to capture dangerous and hazardous goods information per stock code; for example you can create mandatory or optional custom forms to capture data such as hazard identification number, class, subsidiary risk, compatibility group, packing group, shipping name and register reference. You can easily configure SYSPRO to display and highlight custom form data on operator entry and query screens; and to print on reports, such as picking lists and on stationery, such as job documentation, invoices and delivery notes.

SYSPRO also provides an extensive notes facility, the content of which you can configure to automatically print on certain documentation within the system. Notes include generic notes against all key fields, as well as special key field notes, such as the technical specification, dangerous goods handling, and inspection notes against inventory items.

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