SYSPRO's Quality Management System (QMS) enables product quality control by allowing the configuration of multiple measurement metrics, as well as inspection points per inventory item, such as length, chemical composition and hardness. This configuration, which includes the allowable tolerances for each metric and inspection frequency, is configurable as required; for example, full, partial, periodic and random quantity sampling is supported.

Exceptions to inspection rules are configurable per customer, supplier, operation and work center with quality inspection points at Work in Progress Inspection, Purchase Order Receipting, Sales Order Inspection and Inventory Inspection. These quality control checkpoints allow the collection of actual physical product data, to facilitate statistical process control, as well as provide an opportunity for simple material review in the event of a non-conformance, with the possible outcome of inventory reclassification or scrapping. Logs of all quality checks performed are held, including the details of the operators performing the check.

The advanced functionality provides the ability to escalate a quality issue or force quality actions to route into a material review board. The review board then has the facility to sanction the inventory action, such as approval or scrapping, and to record the relevant session details. Additional employee certification requirements for each product by checkpoint and operation are configurable and during all quality-related operations and reviews, this certification is recorded and used to determine if the operation at hand may continue.

Where a full QMS system is not required, quality checks may be implemented using the standard inspection facilities in the Work in Progress and Purchase Order modules. Purchased items can be flagged as requiring inspection so that during receipting, detailed records of counts, inspection, scrap, rejects and returns are recorded. Units in inspection are visible, but unavailable for use until accepted into stock. Similarly, SYSPRO's Work in Progress inspection gives you the tools to inspect manufactured product quality and, depending on the results, select to receipt, scrap or rework quantities.

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