The effective prediction and management of cash flow requirements depends on access to reliable accurate data. SYSPRO facilitates this by providing you detailed data and a number of tools enabling you to see what cash is due for payment or collection, and when.

The Accounts Receivable module provides an aged trial balance that gives you a clear picture of when your billed receivables are due, along with customer terms and the average number of days each customer takes to pay. Sales order backlog reports by due date along with customer payment terms give you the data you need to calculate receivables for unbilled orders.

The Accounts Payable module provides an aged trial balance for your invoiced purchases along with supplier terms and an option to include unapproved invoices. The GRN suspense trial balance includes an aged balance of purchase receipts not yet invoiced by suppliers, while a Purchase Order Commitment report provides you with projections of the value committed to outstanding orders in any given time period.

The Cash Book module provides a snapshot of your current cash status as well as outstanding deposits and withdrawals and easy reconciliation of bank balances. In addition, the Cash Projection report enables you to forecast the effect on your bank balances of any recurring entries projected into the future.

General Ledger budgets for the current and following year, as well as eight alternate budgets, enable you to capture, query and report on cash flow forecasts at ledger code level.

The SYSPRO Cash Flow Forecast provides the capability to create multiple on-line cash flow models from a variety of inflow and outflow data, such as receivables, payables, cash book, general ledger, sales, purchasing, demand forecasts and material requirements. These forecasts provide a comprehensive view of the company-wide cash flow position. In addition, the various SYSPRO modules provide you with detailed reports and queries which assist in payment and collection control.

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