Whether you supply pharmaceuticals, food or other fast moving consumer goods, your pricing strategies are built to accommodate a wide variety of customer types in wholesale and retail environments. SYSPRO enables you optimize pricing for a heterogeneous customer base, providing you with the tools to implement and manage your global pricing requirements, and to minimize the costs and effort associated with the administration of trade promotions and deductions.

Comprehensive sales data, along with powerful analysis, querying and reporting tools provide multi-dimensional analysis of product profitability to inform the pricing strategy process, whether it is cost-based, performance-based, market-based, or a mix. In addition, deriving accurate and competitive pricing for commodity or customizable products is easily facilitated by SYSPRO's powerful costing functionality and visibility. Different costing methods per warehouse, quotations, bill of materials, product configurator and what-if costing functionality enables you to derive cost-based quotes and pricing with confidence.

The system accommodates local and foreign pricing techniques, from manual and simple automated pricing to contract pricing and complex trade promotions pricing and discounting. Sales order entry and electronic capture is streamlined through pricing automation based on customer and/or stock code matrices, and contract pricing at customer and/or buying group level by product or product group. Discounted, foreign and quantity-break pricing methods are catered for, as well as profit margin controls. The import, export and global price update facilities enable seamless implementation of extensive price changes.

Essential for suppliers of retail and wholesale customers, SYSPRO's Trade Promotions module facilitates the creation of rules that govern pricing, promotions, special offers, and rebates, as well as improved promotions tracking. In addition, the system's powerful rebate, accruals and deductions management functionality promotes fast, accurate invoicing and reconciliation, and improved cash flow management. Optional integration to SYSPRO's General Ledger module facilitates complete management and reconciliation of associated financial transactions.

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