The diverse nature of manufacturing methods employed in the industry entails the synchronization and integration of a variety of manufacturing techniques all within one fully integrated software system.

Whether manufacturing to order or to stock, using discrete or process methods; engineering to order; or building large project-based assets, SYSPRO's outstanding flexibility ensures a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output.

SYSPRO functionality enables you to keep finished goods inventory to an absolute minimum and enhances your decision-making regarding what to manufacture, with what resources, when, where, and in what sequence.

SYSPRO's Quotations and Estimating ensures the integrity of cost and profit calculation for bid processes in project, as well as job shop, engineer and make-to-order environments. On confirmation of a quote, SYSPRO provides the capability to automatically raise all supply actions related to fulfilling the customer order, through its sales order, purchase order and job linking features. Furthermore, SYSPRO's Product Configurator facilitates seamless rules-based order processing for assemble, configure and make-to-order products.

For discrete and process manufacturers, comprehensive bills of material functionality enables the definition of simple single-level bills through to complex formulations with multiple units of measure and relationship definitions.

Master data features ensure accurate calculation of lead times and dynamic elapsed times, and assist in the optimization of production order quantities, while Engineering Change Control facilitates the efficient management of changes to product versions.

Planning features include forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning and capacity planning, while scheduling functionality extends from single-constraint scheduling to multi-constraint scheduling and sequencing.

Material and labor consumed in production may be backflushed, or, for longer production runs, issued as consumed to work in progress. Work-in-progress inspection functionality enables a product to be receipted against multiple items if grades of the final product vary.

Tracking of actual versus estimated labor hours, material usage and scrap is facilitated through the Work in Progress module, while SYSPRO's Solutions enable version-independent integration to best-of-breed CAD and shop-floor data collection systems.

SYSPRO features extensive costing control and tracking, including the facility to model the effects of what-if material, labor and manufacturing route costs.

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