To execute your production plans and achieve a high level of manufacturing agility, you need visibility to current and future demands, resource availability, schedules and material plans, as well as user-friendly tools that enable you to respond quickly when things change. SYSPRO provides an integrated view of the elements that impact capacity planning, enabling improved resource management and utilization.

SYSPRO's Bill of Materials module provides the tools to maintain the demonstrated capacity for work centers and productive units, while SYSPRO Factory Scheduling enables the configuration of shift patterns and the identification and consideration of multiple constraints such as tooling. The Bill of Materials module enables the configuration of product routings from which Work in Progress and Requirements Planning derive the capacity required, dynamically adjusted for order or batch size.

SYSPRO's Requirements Planning module enables comprehensive demand planning and the modeling of the master schedule and other demand requirements on capacity profiles, over a user-defined horizon. Based on order requirement and lead times, the requirements calculation computes the total capacity load for both open and planned shop orders"”dynamically adjusted for batch size"”by using infinite backward or infinite forward scheduling. It also provides a simple single-level forward finite scheduling tool.

More sophisticated finite scheduling and sequencing capabilities are provided by SYSPRO Factory Scheduling, including algorithm-based forward, backward and bi-directional finite scheduling, as well as operation sequence optimization. A user-friendly graphical interface affords a real-time view of your capacity loads, with one-click highlighting of bottlenecks to provide quick identification of problem areas.

SYSPRO Factory Scheduling delivers a range of features, from manual drag-and-drop to powerful what-if schedule modeling, providing a decision-support tool enabling you to balance demand and capacity constraints.

Furthermore, SYSPRO's XML-aware solutions enable version-independent integration with best-of-breed shop floor monitoring and control systems, to enable up-to-the-minute querying and reporting in complex scheduling environments.

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