SYSPRO's Engineering Change Control system enables you to implement the workflow and controls necessary to track changes to your products in terms of constituent materials and processes, as well as to automate enforcement of the necessary operational data controls during change activities. The user-defined workflow sub-system along with its audit trails and archives provides access to prior product versions and traceability of changes made.

General task-based business processes performed by single users can be controlled using SYSPRO's Task and Event managers. Electronic Signatures enhance process control by enabling you to maintain a detailed transaction log for auditing purposes, as well as to activate triggers for integration to third-party systems or notification via email. In addition, Electronic Signatures give you the tools to define rules which govern who is allowed to process specific transactions, under what conditions. . This improves transparency and accountability in business transaction processing, giving you strict authorization and access control at a granular level in addition to SYSPRO's general system security.

For those businesses requiring a more sophisticated rules-based workflow for the streamlining of end-to-end processes which involve multiple users and disparate systems, SYSPRO Workflow Services provides complete rules-based business process management.

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