SYSPRO's multi-level bill of materials functionality enables the definition of complex production recipes of up to 15 levels per route, and 10 routes per finished product.

Control over recipe changes is seamlessly handled by the Engineering Change Control module, while a where-used query and substitution facility enables quick and easy replacement of ingredients. The relationship validation function enables you to easily identify illogical relationships within your bills, while the structure validation function facilitates quick deletion of redundant or superseded components from bill of material structures.

The work center, and structures and routings facilities provide you with the means to define and maintain the elements required in a sequence of internal or subcontract manufacturing operations, as well as the structural relationships between parent and component parts.

For each bill level, you can define ingredient quantities such as quantity per, fixed quantities or wet weight percentages in relation to that specific level's parent item. Component and operation copy, insertion, and move facilities enable straightforward maintenance of new and existing bills. SYSPRO's multimedia functionality enables you to attach visual and textual material, such as videos, photographs, and certificates of conformance, to structures and operations, to aid production and quality assurance staff, while custom forms enable you to create additional user-defined fields.

Phantom bills are catered for to accommodate transient production items, and planning bill functionality aids option forecasting and planning. In addition, the configuration and manufacture of multiple items which are produced in a single process are catered for by SYSPRO's co- and by-product features.

SYSPRO provides various operation run time methods, as well as material and progressive scrap functionality. The capture of various lead time elements enables accurate calculations of manufacturing and cumulative lead times, which in turn aid efficient materials planning and production scheduling, as well as product costing. Information on tooling, operator skill levels, operation instructions and testing requirements can also be added to the operation and printed on SYSPRO's user-defined factory documentation.

The Work in Progress module enables seamless ingredient substitution where actual ingredients differ from planned. Furthermore, where intermediate or finished products differ from planned, the Work in Progress inspection functionality enables receipting of these products as alternate stock codes, or into alternate warehouses or bins.

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