Constant innovation is one of the key factors to remaining competitive and on-going research and development to formulate new and better products is integral to the industry. SYSPRO's Engineering Change Control (ECC) enables you to streamline and apply strict control over your design-to-market processes by providing a rules-based electronic workflow system with full version control, security and auditable history.

ECC gives you the tools to record and track new and modified product recipe and process changes, assess the impact of these changes on costs and associated data, and control the change routing and approval processes. ECC's queries, audit trail, history and archive facilities, give you quick on-line access to details of prior product versions, as well as the option of reverting to the production of a prior product version if required. In addition, the facility to attach copies of product drawings to version and release levels provides access to visual details of revisions.

The Where-used Query facility enables you to identify all items affected by the raising of an engineering change order for all routes identified as being under engineering change control. In addition, SYSPRO provides a 'replace component where-used' facility that enables the quick replacement of one item with a valid substitute item, thereby streamlining formula changes.

SYSPRO's ECC, Bill of Materials, Work-in-Progress and Factory Documentation modules enable you to implement controls to ensure that your products are manufactured under consistent processes, to the correct formulae and specifications. Single-level, multi-level, co and by-product bills are all catered for.

Flexible bill definitions accommodate complex raw material and intermediary requirements to ensure precision in quantities required for bulks, batches and packs. You can define each structure level in a bill based on absolute fixed quantities, fixed quantities per, or wet weight percentages. Precision is further enhanced by SYSPRO's allowances for high tolerances in quantity definitions, as well as the number of levels catered for in a multi-level bill.

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