SYSPRO's Projects and Contracts module facilitates accurate profit reporting for long-term projects that require analysis of costs and revenues at each section or level within the contract or project. It enables tracking of uncommitted and committed costs at a detailed hierarchical level and highlights any differences between planned and actual costs as they occur.

Purchase orders, job activity, sales orders and invoicing for jobs attached to a project update the contract or project in real time, and are assigned to a position in the hierarchy. This enables you to continuously monitor the current and potential profitability of all sections of the contract or project.

Query screens and reports show up-to-date actual and committed costs, as well as realized and projected profit, at any level of the job hierarchy.

To enable you to fine-tune the balance between supply and demand, SYSPRO provides technology and features that afford visibility to integrated supply chain intelligence and facilitate close monitoring of performance risks. SYSPRO fosters informed decision-making, thereby helping you to meet the challenges of supply chain management and synchronization in a dynamic and complex environment.

Strict management of material lead times is vitally important in controlling overall procurement costs and attaining customer service level targets. SYSPRO enables you to monitor quoted purchasing lead times against actual supplier delivery performance and to flag reliable suppliers of specific raw materials as certified in the system, as well as to track blanket purchase order contracts.

Production schedule visibility and agility is facilitated through SYSPRO Factory Scheduling, which provides graphical scheduling and sequencing with control methods ranging from manual manipulation through to true algorithm-based advanced planning and scheduling (APS).

SYSPRO's Advanced Trial Kitting provides full visibility to replenishment requirements for multi- or single-level jobs. The purchase-order-to-job link enables purchased or subcontracted materials to be receipted directly into specific jobs.

Your larger trading partners may look increasingly to closer electronic collaboration to cut production timetables, speed up order processing, reduce margin for error and minimize disruption to their businesses. SYSPRO's internet- and XML-based technologies facilitate the implementation of your collaborative commerce strategies, enabling you to share, process and deliver information securely and efficiently within an extended supply chain.

SYSPRO Office Integration (SOI) facilitates direct secure queries of key operational data from the desktops of enterprise-wide users and trading partners, without the need for the desktop installation or licensing of SYSPRO. Using a Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel, the user can extract information from SYSPRO directly into the current Office document as text or tables. This connectivity means you can allow customers and suppliers direct access to relevant information in your organization. These powerful features, along with SYSPRO's multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality, promote true global visibility and flow of supply chain information.

SYSPRO Workflow Services enable you to streamline the execution of your supply chain processes in a consistent coherent flow. By leveraging SYSPRO's powerful technology and features, you can optimize the visibility, communication and exchange of information across your supply chain.

Procurement planning in SYSPRO assists the buyer by providing end-to-end visibility of the procurement process. This includes supplier relationship management, order management and monitoring, planning for future requirements and subcontract management.

The cost of procuring labor often constitutes a substantial percentage of the total costs of a project. To control these costs it is essential to monitor supplier performance in terms of price, quality and on-time delivery. SYSPRO provides a number of reports that enable you to monitor these areas of suppliers' performance at a detail level.

SYSPRO's Work in Progress module provides tracking of expected-versus-actual operation times, thereby assisting you in identifying productivity discrepancies and inefficiencies.

SYSPRO's Contact Management System helps you to manage your relationships with contract suppliers through the recording and tracking of all interactions, while the blanket purchase order functionality facilitates the creation, management and electronic communication of the details of the outsourcing contracts that you have negotiated.

The Projects and Contracts system provides extensive flexibility for project payment methods. You can define payment schedules against which progress billings must take place. These schedules can be based on a series of dates, on completion of a specified section of the contract, or when a percentage of actual or estimated costs is reached.

Deposits can be recorded on acceptance of the contract and allocated against subsequent billings. At the time of billing the customer, you can indicate what portion of the billing value should be deducted from the deposit amount.

The Retentions function enables you to specify the required retention amount as well as the retention period at the time of creating the contract. Once the retention period is reached, you can invoice the customer and offset the retention value against the billing being made.

Construction projects involve complex operations which cannot always be accurately determined in advance and, as a result, variation orders occur. In order to maintain project profitability, it is crucial that the requirement for variation orders is identified promptly.

Hierarchical jobs facilitate the analysis of project-based transactions in measurable user-defined deliverables. In this way, SYSPRO assists you in tracking the progress of the different sections of project work against budget, which in turn helps you to identify unplanned changes in scope that may require the raising of variation orders.

The estimating functionality enables the specification of materials, labor and overheads involved in carrying out the specified work, thereby providing a complete view of the impact on costs and lead times.

The system's sophisticated reporting and analytics tools enable user-defined reports and queries, while SYSPRO Workflow Services allow for the creation of efficient workflows to implement business rules and standardize business processes. Electronic signatures and automation tools facilitate the automatic raising of alerts, triggers and events based on user-defined criteria, thereby aiding prompt problem solving and process improvement.

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