Mixed-mode manufacturers attain agility by running parallel manufacturing strategies and switching between them as required. SYSPRO provides full visual management across mixed-mode production organizations, enabling the seamless synchronization and integration of a variety of manufacturing techniques all within one fully integrated software system.

Whether manufacturing to order or to stock, using discrete or process methods; engineering to order; or building large project-based assets, SYSPRO's outstanding flexibility ensures a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output. SYSPRO functionality enables you to keep inventory at an absolute minimum and enhances your decision-making regarding what to manufacture, with what resources, when, where, and in what sequence.

Through SYSPRO's accommodation of a variety of manufacturing techniques, as well as its modular approach, mixed-mode manufacturers are provided with the flexibility to grow their businesses in the direction that the market demands.

  • Quotations and estimating features ensure the integrity of cost and profit calculations for bid processes in project, as well as job shop, environments. On confirmation of a quote, SYSPRO provides the capability to automatically raise all supply actions related to fulfilling the customer order through its sales order, purchase order and job linking features.
  • SYSPRO Product Configurator facilitates seamless rules-based order processing for assemble and make-to-order products.
  • For discrete and process manufacturers, comprehensive bills of material functionality enables the definition of simple single-level bills through to complex formulations with multiple units of measure and relationship definitions. Master data features ensure accurate calculation of lead times and dynamic elapsed times, and assist in the optimization of production order quantities, while Engineering Change Control facilitates the efficient electronic management of changes to product versions.
  • The Inventory module is a synchronized hub providing a consolidated view of all stock locations and those activities that impact inventory optimization, safety stock and customer service levels, as well as the end-to-end elements of costs and lead times. Furthermore, full traceability is enabled through SYSPRO's powerful inspection, serial tracking and lot traceability functionality.
  • Powerful demand management features enable the implementation of a mix of push and pull replenishment strategies, such as make-to-stock for sub-assemblies, and finish-to-customer order for final products. Planning features include forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning and capacity planning, while scheduling functionality extends from single-constraint scheduling to multiple-constraint scheduling and sequencing.
  • SYSPRO's Inventory Optimization suite of modules enable the entry of manual forecasts, as well as the automatic generation of forecasts via a variety of forecast algorithms. Combinations of forecasts and other sources of demand, such as sales orders, can be configured as the demand drivers for Requirements Planning, with the module providing clear visibility to the integrated effect of current and future supply and demand. Order policies by stock code at warehouse level enable you to implement lot-sizing rules for both purchased and manufactured replenishment items.
  • For replenishment approaches not requiring full-scale MRP but a simpler derivative, SYSPRO offers Advanced Trial Kitting, which you can run based on a range of user-selected criteria thereby ensuring that you order only the materials that you require. Additionally, true order-linked pull replenishment is provided through sales order- and purchase order-to-job linking and multi-level trial kitting, which enable the automatic raising and linking of the relevant supply orders via simple review.
  • Material and labor consumed in production may be backflushed or, for longer production runs, issued to work-in-progress in real-time, while work-in-progress inspection functionality enables a product to be receipted against multiple items when, for example, grades of the final product vary. Tracking of actual versus estimated labor hours, material usage and scrap is facilitated through the Work in Progress module, while SYSPRO's e.net Solutions enable version-independent integration to best-of-breed CAD and shop-floor data collection systems.
  • SYSPRO features extensive costing control and tracking features including the facility to model the effects of 'what-if' material, labor and manufacturing route costs. Costing methods by warehouse, as well as the facilities to track actual and activity based costs ensure that different manufacturing approaches may be costed appropriately within one system.

SYSPRO enables the time-phased planning and execution of both dependent and independent component replenishment, as well as the efficient management of component issues to production.

The system's component to-operation linking facility, on both standard and non-standard product bills of material, as well its order policy, lot sizing and dynamic lead time functionality, ensures that automatic replenishment calculations for dependent demand satisfy quantity and date requirements. Independent demand for spares is also catered for through the use of SYSPRO's multi-level MPS and forecasting functionality. Inventory order-point indicators, such as reorder point, minimum/maximum levels and safety stock, provide the tools for other replenishment-planning approaches which may be better suited to optimizing inventory in your environment.

SYSPRO enables the quick review and execution of suggested actions for component purchasing and production, using either the Requirements Calculation or trial kitting criteria as a source. For make-to-order and engineer-to-order environments, sales order-to-job linking, purchase order-to-job linking and the bill-of-jobs features enable the automatic raising and linking of component requirements for a customer order line. Extensive purchase order and blanket purchase order functionality, as well as SYSPRO's electronic collaboration tools ensure fast and secure communication of orders to suppliers around the globe.

SYSPRO's Multi-level Trial Kitting program enables you to quickly check that you have all components required for a standard part, job or bill of jobs before issuing any materials or launching a job onto production and if not, where shortages exist. The Kit Issues program determines the exact issues required for a user-defined range of job operations, thereby helping to avoid cluttering the production area with unnecessary component inventory. Where production runs are short and work-in-progress control is not required, SYSPRO's backflushing enables you to issue components used, on receipt of the parent product.

SYSPRO's where-used query and replace facilities enable seamless replacement of one component with another throughout relevant bills of material, while the Engineering Change Control module enables full version and release level management of this process if required.

The necessity to hold diverse inventories to meet customer-driven product variants means that the strict management of raw material lead times is vitally important in maintaining customer service level targets and controlling overall procurement and holding costs. SYSPRO enables you to monitor quoted purchasing lead times against actual supplier delivery performance and to flag reliable suppliers of specific raw materials as certified in the system, as well as to track blanket purchase order contracts. Component-to-operation linking and component offsets facilitate the time-phased calculation of material requirements as well as the implementation of JIT and LEAN purchasing principles. In addition, inventory order point indicators, such as reorder point and minimum/maximum levels provide the tools to help you mitigate problems associated with unreliable supply of long-lead time items, while material requirements planning enables the calculation of material requirements based on forecasts. In addition, SYSPRO's event management enables the automation of notifications to the relevant people when stocks fall below reorder point levels.

One of the key contributors to maintaining a competitive advantage in the global market is the ability to deliver quality products to customers within their expected delivery date, in a shorter time than your competitors, and within your cost constraints. To do this, you need to be able to analyze lead time constituents and non-value-add activities, from order taking to delivery, so you can identify and eliminate waste. SYSPRO's integrated nature gives you complete visibility across the entire supply chain, enabling the co-ordination of activities, while its powerful tools help you to monitor and improve lead time performance. SYSPRO e.net solutions and import functions facilitate improved electronic collaboration with your customers and suppliers, thereby reducing the time and margin for error for activities such as order processing and the creation of customer-specified designs. Supplier performance data provides you with comparison of original due date to receipt date for purchased items, while the capture of customer request date at order entry time enables reporting on customer delivery performance by customer, by order line. For engineering or build-to-order items, SYSPRO's Quotations module enables the capture of all build details and costs, thereby enabling you to calculate realistic delivery dates. It also facilitates the quick conversion of an accepted quote into the relevant details in Work in Progress, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. This reduces capture time and errors, as well as the time taken to raise the paperwork. For stocked items, SYSPRO enables the capture of standard purchasing lead time for components, as well as the automatic calculation of manufacturing and cumulative lead times for manufactured product based on the elements of operation times in the Bill of Materials and Quotations modules. At the design stage, the Engineering Change Control module helps you streamline and control the product design process, helping to reduce the time from concept to market. Material and distribution requirements planning helps you identify what you need and when you need it based on standard lead times dynamically adjusted for batch size for selected sources of demand and their requirement dates. Powerful queries provide pegging and time fence information to enable effective decision-making. Work in Progress job data provides job and operation planned and actual start and finish dates, which enables you to identify bottlenecks in production. In addition, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling provides excellent visibility to your production scheduling activities, facilitating improved use of manufacturing resources.

SYSPRO enables the tight control and tracking of raw material purchases from foreign suppliers. You can set up approved, preferred and alternate suppliers, along with their pricing and catalogue cross referencing, and can specify standard purchase lead times against which to measure actual Delivery Performance. In addition, the blanket purchase order facilities enable you to specify pricing for an agreed quantity of product, as well as to track actual call-off deliveries against contract.

The Purchase Order module gives you the tools to raise and track detailed Purchase Orders and associated deliveries, and provides local and foreign purchase order print and export facilities. Additionally, the Office Automation module enables faxing or emailing of Purchase Orders directly from within SYSPRO.

SYSPRO enables you to hedge against unpredictable supply of longer lead time items through the use of minimum and safety stock levels, as well as flexible order policies. Material Requirements Planning and Advanced Trial Kitting provide facilities for calculating what you need and when you need it, taking into account, demand and supply, lead times, current inventory levels and order policies.

You can rely on SYSPRO's landed cost tracking and multi-currency capabilities to provide an accurate picture of the costs of your imported goods, as well as associated variances between estimated and expected for all cost elements associated with imported items. In addition, the GRN Suspense system highlights any discrepancies between invoice details and actual purchase costs and deliveries.

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