SYSPRO provides the tools to help you optimize your inventory investment without sacrificing customer service. It enables you to effectively plan and control diverse and extensive product lines in a single or multi-warehouse environment, facilitating the creation of warehouses and bin locations to represent both physical and virtual stock locations.

Whether you employ simple manual methods to manage your warehouse operations, or sophisticated automated methods such as bar-coding and mobile devices, SYSPRO's Warehouse Management System (WMS) assists you in optimizing your pick, putaway and cycle count activities. WMS-controlled warehouses, bins and items accommodate additional configuration options which promote warehouse management efficiencies.

Whether you stock, sell, purchase or manufacture items by unit, weight, volume, pack or container size, SYSPRO's multiple units of measure per stock item give you the flexibility to accurately record and track stock quantities. Product version control is automated through the Engineering Change Control module, while extensive master data enables you to define parameters for transacting in sales, purchasing and manufacturing.

Inventory optimization functionality aids the sales and operations planning process. Decision-making on desired levels of inventory and customer service is enhanced through the graphical output from its powerful Pareto analysis and forecasting tools. Master information such as order policies, gross requirements rules, lead times, safety stock and minimum/maximum levels assist in planning replenishment, while extensive costing facilities ensure accurate costing of sales, purchase and manufacturing activities. Costing methods are available by warehouse and include the average, standard, last, FIFO, LIFO methods.

The custom forms feature gives you the freedom to define your own fields for the capture of details, such as hazardous goods information, enabling you to include these in your queries, reports and transaction documentation. Also, you can add standard notations per item for automatic inclusion in various transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders and jobs, as well as link multimedia files to key data.

SYSPRO's serial tracking and lot traceability features facilitate the tracking of materials from purchase through production to customer, thereby providing you with the tools to manage product recalls, should they occur, and the optional 2-phased receipting for purchased and manufactured products provides inspection control. The Goods in Transit system gives you comprehensive quantity, variance and cost control over inter-warehouse transfers, as well as providing input into SYSPRO's Distribution Requirements Planning.

The Stock Take system enables you to select on a range of criteria and continue transaction processing once the physical count is complete, so operations are not at a standstill while the count is being captured. Import facilities are available and you can run a number of verification and variance reports to highlight stock take exceptions and provide the necessary checks before confirmation.

SYSPRO's integrated nature and powerful reporting and query facilities give you visibility to detailed stock statuses and transaction history, while perpetual inventory costing provides at-a-glance valuation of stock holdings by warehouse and stock code. Queries include summary stock code quantities, such as warehouse on-hand, on-order, available, free, in-transit, in-inspection, allocated and backordered, as well as the ability to drill-down to supporting detail.

Extensive reporting is available including detailed kardex movements, identification of obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories, as well as reports on summary inventory quantities and exceptions based on various stock level criteria. In addition, the Office Automation and Messaging module provides the ability to create alerts and events which are automatically fired when inventory exceptions (such as 'below minimum') occur.

To comply with emissions regulations, such as the Kyoto Protocol and the US Clean Air Act, you must have the capability to record, track and measure your compliance initiatives and report on demand.

SYSPRO enables you to improve your capability to demonstrate compliance in your core processes, as well as implement a variety of control measures for stringent record-keeping to suit the level of vigilance required. SYSPRO's flexible features and integrated nature ensure rapid access to centralized compliance information across your business.

SYSPRO's multi-warehouse capability enables the separation, identification and tracking of compliant, non-compliant and quarantined materials. The customization features enable the configuration of screen highlighting of compliance deviations, as well as the automated notification of relevant personnel. Custom forms facilitate the definition of user-defined characteristics-such as the concentration of hazardous substances-against key data, such as products, materials, lots and serials, while the multimedia capability enables the linking of technical documentation, graphics and videos.

SYSPRO's Quality Management, Lot Traceability, Serial Tracking and Return Merchandise systems facilitate process control, quality tracking and traceability of raw materials and products, and the rapid extraction of information for efficient product recalls. Product versions are strictly controlled through the Engineering Change Control's workflow-based system, while informed selection of material and component suppliers is facilitated through performance scorecards and inspection data analysis.

Electronic signatures in SYSPRO provide rigorous transaction-level security, tracking and auditability, as well as the facility to trigger notifications and other actions, such as transferring data to 3rd-party applications and databases. On-demand compliance reporting is facilitated across the system by electronic signatures and SYSPRO Reporting Services, while SYSPRO Workflow services enable the consistent and rapid deployment of compliance processes.

SYSPRO can help you take on new challenges as they arise in the constantly shifting economic, market and technological landscape.

SYSPRO is designed to addresses various business needs, including:

  • Customer Service
  • Demand Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Financial Management
  • Lead Time Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Order Management
  • Product Design
  • Production Management
  • Profitability
  • Quality
  • Standards & Conformance

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In environments where materials and product replenishment planning is largely based on demand forecasts, the forecasts must be as accurate as possible so as to minimize the costs associated with inaccuracies, such as redundant stock and poor customer service. While forecasting is, by definition, an inexact science, its purpose is to improve the quality of predictions, and tracking the forecast error is an essential part of this process.

SYSPRO's Forecasting module provides tools to enable you to track and evaluate your forecasts, as well as to identify the possible causes of forecast errors. These tools assist you in optimizing your forecasts to produce the best possible outcome. The Forecasting module enables the entry of manual forecasts, as well as the automatic generation of forecasts via a variety of forecast algorithms, including those that compute for trends, seasonality and cyclical events. In addition, the module provides a competition forecasting method (also known as focus forecasting or the tournament method) which attempts to select the most suitable forecast algorithm, based on a selected error measurement and your recent SYSPRO sales history data. This enables you to compare results to determine which method is the most suitable for any particular item, whether you forecast on products at code, revision, release, or warehouse level. A tracking signal is used to indicate when the validity of the forecast might be in doubt; those items with high forecast errors are highlighted and can be reviewed and adjusted as required.

Forecast accuracy depends not only on the regular evaluation of the forecast error, but also on the integrity and nature of the source data. In SYSPRO, forecast accuracy is enhanced through the ability to automatically filter and adjust outliers, as well as to manually adjust forecast base data for quantitative and qualitative factors. Reports and queries provide comparisons between actual sales, and suggested, draft and approved forecasts.

A critical after-sales service in the industry, MRO requires detailed record-keeping of customer equipment configurations as well as previously performed maintenance work, in order to meet service-level agreement requirements. SYSPRO's Product Configurator simplifies the raising of orders for variable configurations, while SYSPRO's Bill of Materials, Engineering Change Control and Work-in-Progress provide the recording and tracking of as-built and as-maintained configuration history and service notes, including details of any subcontracted work. Additionally SYSPRO's Serial Tracking and Lot Traceability functionality provide reliable part warranty and replacement details and history.

Thus the extraction of maintenance history and current configuration details is facilitated for customer regulatory reporting , as well as to enable customer-targeted planning of materials and activities for service and repair jobs.

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