SYSPRO's Quotations module enables detailed estimates based on all aspects of the project, with the added benefits of hierarchical analysis of costs and margins per head and section.

The estimating functionality enables the specification of materials, labor and overheads involved in carrying out the specified work, thereby providing a complete view of costs and lead times for project-based work.

The power of this system becomes evident when multiple levels/phases are required. You can create an estimate for each level within the project which, in turn, can be supported by an estimate. This process can be extended to fourteen levels, which are then rolled up to complete the top level costing.

Additionally, the system enables you to quickly model the cost- and lead-time impacts of using alternatives, such as different suppliers, routings and materials. In this way, SYSPRO's Estimating functionality assists you in assessing the viability of bidding for fixed-price contracts and enables you to accurately price contracts for quotes.

Because the industry is R&D-intensive, tracking the costs of the lengthy product development cycles is essential to identifying true return on investment, as well as accurately calculating cost-approach royalties where applicable.

SYSPRO's Engineering Change Control functionality enables improved control over product development activities, while SYSPRO's Work in Progress enables the capture, costing and tracking of time and materials consumed in various business programs. For complex long-cycle projects, SYSPRO's Projects and Contracts module enables detailed analysis of activities and costs by user-defined section. This provides instant fine-grained visibility to project cost performance, and identification of sunk costs and cost reimbursement values, with the user-defined sections enabling clear differentiations between development phases, as well as own-versus-collaborative efforts.

Royalties that are based on a percentage of sales can be automatically calculated and accrued via the deduction and accrual functionality in the Trade Promotions module.

Much in the industry hinges on patents and licences. Research and development cycles are long and costly, so protecting the fruits of your research and development efforts, as well as that of any licensor is critical to your business survival. Security requirements range from ensuring safety, quality and compliance standards so that your reputation is not compromised in the marketplace, to the safeguarding of intellectual property in product formulas and processes. Critical to these requirements is the ability to secure organizational information from unauthorized access and fraudulent activity.

SYSPRO's security features are extensive, enabling you to strengthen the safeguarding of your electronic information. The Role Management capability helps you to streamline complex system administration tasks by providing centralized control of the design of security, eSignature and user interfaces, for companies, groups and operators. It also facilitates the identification of role conflicts, thereby assisting you in demonstrating to regulatory and compliance bodies clear lines of accountability and responsibility. It enables the definition of an on-line organogram to provide users with a visual overview of the your company's role structure and simplifies the assignment of the appropriate settings where staff switch or perform multiple roles.

Besides multi-level operator and group access control, SYSPRO provides electronic signature (ES) capability, which improves transparency and accountability in business transaction processing, giving you strict authorization and access control at a granular level. Not only do the ES features enable the logging of transaction agency and chronology in SYSPRO, but they also give you the tools to define rules around who is allowed to process specific transactions, and under what conditions. ES also enable you to configure notifications and other triggers to be fired off in the case of specific events.

SYSPRO Workflow Services help promote the seamless execution of multi-level control and approval processes, while e.Net Solutions provide the tools to facilitate secure version-independent integration to core SYSPRO with 3rd-party systems and web applications.

SYSPRO Solutions provide the capability to create applications for handheld devices (such as PDAs) to interact with your SYSPRO database through wireless connectivity via the internet. This means you can equip your mobile sales force with secure remote access while they are out visiting customers. They can check stock availability, and product prices, and perform real-time processing of orders and merchandise returns with the relevant documents being emailed directly to the customer. It also means that they can update the SYSPRO Contact Management System immediately with any issues and requests raised by customers.

Regardless of the regulatory and legal frameworks within which you operate, stringent records management for all business activities is a core requirement within the industry. SYSPRO's robust integrated nature provides a central repository for the secure retention, tracking and retrieval of your financial and operational records.

The SYSPRO Enterprise Analysis and Modelling framework promotes the on-line modelling, development, definition and publication of the blueprints of your business processes, structures and KPIs. This provides a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), ensuring a common understanding among the stakeholders, of the organizational goals, roles, activities and dependencies. Furthermore, a built-in workflow engine - SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) - enables you to embed standard operating procedures within SYSPRO, as well as to create efficient interactions between SYSPRO and external touch-points.

Powerful queries and reports provide structured retrieval of master and transactional details related to products and raw materials. Adherence to regulations in terms of product and raw material traceability is facilitated through SYSPRO's Lot Traceability and Serial Tracking features, including the ability to trace from source to finished product batches and vice versa. Visibility to the source of ledger data and KPIs is provided via reporting, as well as drill-downs from on-line financial reports, general ledger queries and digital dashboards.

History options enable the specification of on-line data retention, while electronic archiving enables the secure on-line storage and retrieval of past jobs, sales orders, recipe revisions and lot information. The archiving functionality extends to SYSPRO Reporting Services which facilitates quick and secure access to electronic copies of user-defined and system reports as they were run.

Full audit trails are provided for all transactions as well as master data amendments, while electronic signature capability provides tracking of who is doing what in the system.

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