Procurement planning in SYSPRO assists the buyer by providing end-to-end visibility of the procurement process. This includes supplier relationship management, order management and monitoring, planning for future requirements and subcontract management.

The cost of procuring labor often constitutes a substantial percentage of the total costs of a project. To control these costs it is essential to monitor supplier performance in terms of price, quality and on-time delivery. SYSPRO provides a number of reports that enable you to monitor these areas of suppliers' performance at a detail level.

SYSPRO's Work in Progress module provides tracking of expected-versus-actual operation times, thereby assisting you in identifying productivity discrepancies and inefficiencies.

SYSPRO's Contact Management System helps you to manage your relationships with contract suppliers through the recording and tracking of all interactions, while the blanket purchase order functionality facilitates the creation, management and electronic communication of the details of the outsourcing contracts that you have negotiated.

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