Maximizing profitability in a highly competitive market is only possible with an accurate picture of your costs. For a capital-intensive industry that is characterized by low margins, short product lifecycles, and substantial research and development costs, closely monitoring and controlling costs and margins, and reducing waste in all areas of the business is essential to your on-going profitability.

SYSPRO enables you to implement continuous improvement by giving you visibility to costs and profits across the business and helping you to identify issues as they occur. This includes variations in expected and actual raw material and production costs; late supplier deliveries; obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories; and product defects and scrap.

SYSPRO's extensive pricing and trade promotions features, as well as its costing methods configurable by warehouse enable targeted pricing and close analysis and control over margins and profitability throughout product life cycles; available costing methods include Average, Standard, Actual, Last, LIFO and FIFO. In addition, what-if costing features enables you to model possible changes in raw material and labor costs and assess the imploded effects on higher level item costs and profits.

Tracking the costs of long sales cycles and product development activities is essential to identifying true return on investment. SYSPRO's Engineering Change Control functionality enables improved control over product development activities, while SYSPRO's Work in Progress enables the capture, costing and tracking of time and materials consumed in various development cycles and business programs. This provides instant visibility to project cost performance in relation to budgets, as well as the timely identification of cost reimbursement values.

For complex long-cycle projects, SYSPRO's Projects and Contracts module enables project accounting and detailed analysis of activities and costs by user-defined section. Estimating and quotations functionality facilitates accurate costing and quoting of to-order products, services and projects, ensuring accurate profitability projection.

Efficient management and tracking of product lifecycles is provided through the Inventory, Bill of Materials and Engineering Change Control modules, thereby streamlining time-to-market processes, while efficient warehouse and shelf life management is provided through SYSPRO's powerful inventory, lot tracking and serial tracking functionality. Full integration to SYSPRO's General Ledger from the relevant sub-systems affords up-to-date analysis of enterprise-wide financial key performance indicators (KPI) and trends. Furthermore, SYSPRO's digital dashboards, Analytics, Reporting Services and extensive VBScripting and customization features provide the facilities to configure and track industry- and enterprise-relevant financial and operational KPIs.

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