For corporate governance requirements, as well as cash flow and operational efficiency, it is critical to budget for capital expenditure and to forecast the requisite cash requirements. SYSPRO's Asset Capex System facilitates the creation of both broad and specific capex budgets with the latter forming a subset of the broader budget category; for example, a piece of equipment within a production cell or line.

You can capture up to three quotations for a capex line and once the capex line is approved, you can rapidly generate a new purchase requisition, purchase order or a job, or link to an existing one. The approval process is controlled through a series of capex line statuses, including unapproved, approved, on hold and closed.

SYSPRO provides simplified acquisition processing once the asset is receipted from a purchase order or a job. The asset is placed in suspense and through a user-friendly suspense review facility you can retrieve and check the details of the suspended asset on-line before automating its transfer to the live asset register. This reduces double entry, as well as the margin for capture errors.

Comprehensive queries and reporting is provided on committed, uncommitted and spent capex values.

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