Whether you supply original equipment manufacturers, diverse retailers, after-sales service outlets, or distribute product to your own distribution centers, effective planning and control of your inventory and order fulfillment activities is essential for operational efficiency and maximum profitability. SYSPRO provides a real-time integrated view of business operations, as well as the means to manage large diverse inventories and to plan and execute sophisticated warehouse replenishment and order fulfillment requirements. Efficient replenishment planning and fulfillment per warehouse is facilitated through SYSPRO's Distribution Requirements Planning, multi-warehouse and Goods in Transit functionality. The system caters for warehouse-specific costs and order policies, backorders, inter-warehouse lead times, optional inclusion of transfer costs and detailed transfer documentation. Furthermore, the Goods in Transit system enables detailed control, reconciliation and balancing of inter-warehouse transfers.

Distributors supplying major retailers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) would be challenged to optimize customer service and expand distribution capabilities without e-business capability. SYSPRO's Web Applications enable you to provide your global customers and remote sales force with the convenience of secure 24/7 access to order placement, as well as to queries on pricing, stock availability, detailed statements and order statuses. In addition, sophisticated automated order placement and acknowledgement is facilitated through SYSPRO's e.net solutions and Document Flow Manager. This is further enhanced by SYSPRO's stock code interchange feature which enables customers to query stock and enter orders using their own part numbers.

Customer order fulfillment is managed through SYSPRO's sophisticated sales order picking and dispatch features, while SYSPRO's Customer Relationship Manager and Return Merchandise Authority modules provide the means to manage, control and analyze customer returns and credits. While simple, extended and contract pricing are standard features of the Sales Order module, the Trade Promotions Management module provides complex pricing functionality for distributors, including promotions, rebates and accruals. The Blanket Sales Order module enables SYSPRO customers to easily update call-off schedules for their OEM clients, as well as to reconcile the cumulative position against their OEM contracts.

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