SYSPRO powerful functionality enables the efficient synchronization of supply and demand, thereby helping you to reduce inventory, obsolescent stocks and lead time to your customers.

In industries where rapid innovation is critical to remaining competitive and trends (such as Moore's Law) continue to apply downward pressure on revenues, strategies to optimize inventory without sacrificing customer service and quality are essential. SYSPRO's Inventory, Inventory Optimization and Requirements Planning modules provide the tools to help reduce forecast error, manage seasonality and optimize inventories to meet customer service targets.

SYSPRO enables you to automate and streamline order-to-delivery processes, and provides complete visibility to an integrated picture of your operations, thereby enabling efficient management of operations in rapidly shifting demand environments. The Inventory Optimization suite provides comprehensive tracking and analysis of forecasts, as well as slow-moving, excess, active and static stocks. Its powerful features enable accurate obsolescence provisioning, product rationalization programs and targeted promotions on slow-moving and end-of-life stocks.

Excess component, work-in-progress and finished goods inventory is further mitigated through the use of SYSPRO's powerful forecasting and material requirements planning (MRP) features. These provide a complete view of independent and dependent demand and supply, as well as accurate time-phased requirements with comprehensive pegging. Component-to-operation linking, along with order policy, lead time and time fence features, enable accurate JIT-based materials replenishment.

For those businesses not requiring full-scale MRP but a simpler derivative, SYSPRO offers Advanced Trial Kitting, which you can run based on a range of user-selected criteria thereby ensuring that you order only the materials that you require. Additionally, true order-linked pull replenishment is provided through sales order- and purchase order-to-job linking and multi-level trial kitting, which enable the automatic raising and linking of the relevant supply orders via simple review.

SYSPRO Factory Scheduler facilitates the efficient preparation and execution of achievable production schedules and assists the production area in quickly implementing the necessary changes when order profiles vary from plan. Additionally, materials-constraint scheduling helps to prevent the accumulation of excess Work In Progress inventories.

Efficient automation, management and tracking of product life cycles is provided through the Inventory, Bill of Materials and Engineering Change Control modules, thereby streamlining time-to-market processes, while efficient warehouse and shelf life management is provided through SYSPRO's powerful inventory, warehouse management, lot tracking and serial tracking functionality.

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