SYSPRO provides the capability for the secure storage and fast retrieval of reliable integrated information to enable quick extraction when a product or batch recall is necessary. Adherence to stringent EU/ MHRA /FDA/TGA regulations in terms of traceability and recall procedures in industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, is facilitated through SYSPRO's lot traceability and serial tracking features. Multimedia capabilities enable the linking of relevant documentation and graphics to products and material, while custom forms facilitate the capture of essential traceability data relevant to your industry.

SYSPRO includes the facilities to trace items from raw material origins to customer, and vice versa, as well as the ability to identify the processor of every transaction or data change associated with the item, via Electronic Signatures. Full upward and downward searches and extraction of the integrated traceability data is provided by SYSPRO's powerful queries, and standard or user-defined reports.

Using SYSPRO's powerful traceability features, you can confidently identify the source of defects and quality issues, and thus limit recalls to defective product only. This prevents the need for total product recall and the associated costs and reputation impact.

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