Efficient management of your receivables and mitigation of bad debt is essential to maintaining a healthy cash flow. SYSPRO's powerful features can assist you to improve your credit management performance with reduced effort, as well as to maintain single-point communications with your customers.

Extensive order and invoice credit checking features enable the implementation of flexible terms and controls to suit different categories of customer. Ageing methods offered include by invoice date, invoice due date, statement date and aged statement date and customer terms allow for a variety of settlement discount options. Multi-currency invoice and payments are catered for, as well as the automation of finance and recurring charges.

Prompt electronic delivery of customer statements, invoices and copy invoices is facilitated through SYSPRO's email and fax integration; documents can be transmitted directly from point of extraction. User-defined stationery formats preclude the need for pre-printed stationery and enable the creation of customer documents in Word or secure PDF format. Additionally, you can enable customers to query your SYSPRO database directly for detailed account information, via the internet with SYSPRO Office Integration or SYSPRO e.net solutions.

The Average Days to Pay calculation and extensive search, query and report features enable the quick and accurate assessment and targeted follow-up of customer debt. Rapid application of customer payments against a large number of outstanding invoices is efficiently handled using SYSPRO's Payments and Adjustment functions, including the automatic payments application feature. Also, the time and effort to manage trade customer accruals, rebates and deductions is significantly reduced through the use of SYSPRO's Trade Promotions and master/sub account functionality.

SYSPRO helps to greatly streamline the completion of account receivable month end procedures. Creation of workflow and checklists for periodic and month-end procedures is made possible through SYSPRO's customizable menus and Task Manager. The systemââ"š¬Ã¢"ž¢s multi-period accounting enables operational continuity for the new period, reducing pressure on the receivables department to finalize the month's transactions within a severely limited time frame. In addition, SYSPRO Reporting Services provides the ability to automate scheduling and electronic storage of month end reports ââ"š¬Ã‹Å“as runââ"š¬Ã¢"ž¢, thereby precluding the need to supervise their production and printing.

SYSPRO's standard Trial Balance and Credit Management reports can be supplemented by additional user-defined KPIs and reports using Report Writer or SYSPRO Reporting Services. Furthermore, you can configure SYSPRO's powerful event management and customization features to alert relevant personnel to certain conditions, such as accounts being overdue by a stated number of days, via email or field highlights.

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