SYSPRO enables you to streamline and automate the processes and actions involved in authorizing and tracking customer returns, warranty claims and complaints. This in turn facilitates targeted improvement programs to help you reduce the time and costs associated with such events and improve product quality.

SYSPRO's Return Merchandise (RMA) enables you to rapidly process customer returns and the resulting corrective actions such as receipting, exchanges, cross-shipments, repairs, scrap and credits, as well as charges for returns and restocking activities. Action codes, notes and user-configured returns classifications facilitate comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Instant on-screen access to customer history enables the fast and accurate selection of the relevant transactions, as well as the verification of warranty dates, product revision levels, prices and quantities. The power of SYSPRO's returns automation is further enhanced by its seamless integration with the system's serial tracking, lot traceability and engineering change control capabilities. Furthermore, SYSPRO's Office Automation facilitates the automation of actions based on RMA events, such as the broadcast of product recalls based on specific products or RMA classification codes, or the notification of account managers for specific customers.

SYSPRO's Workflow Services enables you to facilitate returns and complaints processing in a consistent coherent flow for all users, further reducing the time and effort associated with these activities.

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