A built-in workflow engine - SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) - enables you to streamline end-to-end business process activities within SYSPRO, as well as to create efficient interactions between SYSPRO and external touchpoints. Built on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation, SWS enables you to apply rules-based control over business processes, thereby promoting process cohesion, as well as collaboration among process role-players. As well as providing a set of sample workflows and activities, SWS facilitates the creation of custom activities and workflows unique to your environment using its visual design tools, thereby enabling you to model and formalize your business processes. The client-based Workflow Administrator allows you to design, test, administer and deploy workflows across your organization, while the server-based Workflow Service provides the engine that hosts, co-ordinates and tracks these workflows. Being SOAP and web-enabled, SWS permits operators to process transactions remotely and without necessarily having SYSPRO installed on the desktop. Once workflows are deployed, the Workflow Monitor provides workflow status and performance information, thereby helping you to identify the progress of any particular instance of a workflow, as well as activity and process bottlenecks within your organization.
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