To identify and reduce waste and inefficiencies in the production process, you need real-time access to accurate material and labor flow data. SYSPRO enables you to easily query the status of your work-in-progress in terms of costs, material and scrap quantities, labor hours and manufactured quantities. In addition, optional lot traceability and serial tracking functionality enables you to identify the jobs to which traceable raw materials have been issued.

  • In SYSPRO, the material and labor allocations are created manually for a non-standard job, or automatically for a job created from a bill of material or estimate. In all cases, you can specify whether the materials are required a certain number of days before the job finish date, or at the start of a specific operation.
  • SYSPRO trial-kitting mechanisms provide complete visibility to the availability of materials required for jobs. Flexible posting functionality enables you to issue materials and labor to jobs at any time via a number of methods, including specific and kit issues. In addition, SYSPRO Solutions and Job Import functionality enable seamless integration of shop floor data collection systems. Powerful queries and reports provide detailed information on job status and delivery performance information.
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