Companies in highly-regulated industries for safety or health compliance (electronics, aeronautics, defense, food, pharmaceutical, medical devices, chemicals, automotive) would typically benefit from the SYSPRO’s stock traceability systems, including Lot Traceability and Landed Cost Tracking.

Integration with SYSPRO’s other modules (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Work in Progress, Accounts Payable) permits full upward and downward traceability through all inventory transactions.

Extensive reporting in detail or summary including audit trails and journals, form an integral part of our traceability solution.

Lot Traceability

Through SYSPRO Lot Traceability you will be able to maintain a history of traceable items for accountability and customer service follow-up.

Our solution is designed to provide full traceability right down to transactional level. It enables you to maximize quality control through the tracking and replacement of any defective materials as well as facilitates efficient and effective recalls.

With Lot Traceability you will be able to maintain quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates as you track materials through:

Landed Cost Tracking

SYSPRO’s landed cost management solution provides visibility of imported goods through shipment trading. It enables you to:

  • Track shipments of imported goods
  • Monitor the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments
  • Establish a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods

LCT aids the calculation of a more accurate actual cost at which to receive the goods. It also provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle, and enables the archiving of completed shipments and associated costs.