Synchronizing supply with customer demand is a key requirement to prevent costly line stoppages in assembly plants, particularly for component and material suppliers of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This involves not only automating order processing and other processes in the supply chain, but also executing production plans using LEAN principles. SYSPRO facilitates the Lean initiative with an extensive ERP system that integrates all business functions and provides visibility across all areas of the enterprise so that informed decisions can be made, information can be shared and effective collaboration is possible.

  • SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders and Releases provides you with the tools to record contracts with your OEM customers and provides you with an accurate means of tracking and reconciling cumulative release quantities and converting them into sales order quantities. The module enables SYSPRO customers to easily update call-off schedules for their OEM clients, as well as reconcile the cumulative position against their OEM contracts.
  • Confirmed customer schedules, in turn, become an input for demand planning and, ultimately, production and purchasing requirements linked to the relevant schedule requirement dates. The Requirements Planning and Factory Scheduling modules provide you with the tools to implement LEAN principles, manage the replenishment process, and ensure that you meet your OEM contract service levels.
  • Streamlined electronic collaboration with your OEM customers is facilitated through features such as SYSPRO Workflow Services, Document Flow Manager, SYSPRO Solutions, EDI, Office Automation and Messaging, fax, email and various Business-to-Business import and export functions, thus reducing response time, margin for error and penalties associated with disruption to OEM production lines.
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