A key way to reduce lead times is by being able to identify and eliminate waste. The integrated nature of our software helps you to do this by giving you complete visibility across the entire supply chain from order taking to delivery, and providing you with the tools to monitor and improve lead time performance. Our software also enables the co-ordination of activities such as analyzing lead time constituents and non-value-add activities.

  • SYSPRO's e.net Solutions and import functions facilitate improved electronic collaboration with your customers and suppliers, thereby reducing the time and margin for error for activities such as order processing and the creation of customer-specified designs. Supplier performance data provides you with comparison of original due date with receipt date for purchased items, while the capture of customer request date at order entry time, enables reporting on customer delivery performance by customer, by order line.
  • For build-to-order items, SYSPRO's Quotations module enables the capture of all build details and costs, thereby enabling you to calculate realistic delivery dates. It also facilitates the quick conversion of an accepted quote into the relevant details in Work-in-Progress, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. This reduces capture time and errors, as well as the time taken to raise the paperwork.
  • For stocked items, SYSPRO enables the capture of standard purchasing lead time for components, as well as the automatic calculation of manufacturing and cumulative lead times for manufactured product based on the elements of operation times in the Bill of Materials and Quotations modules.
  • Material and distribution requirements planning helps you identify what you need and when you need it based on standard lead times dynamically adjusted for batch size for selected sources of demand and their requirement dates. Powerful queries provide pegging and time fence information to enable effective decision-making.
  • Work in Progress job data provides job and operation planned and actual start and finish dates, which enables you to identify bottlenecks in production. In addition, SYSPRO Factory Scheduling provides excellent visibility to your production scheduling activities thereby facilitating improved utilization of manufacturing resources.
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