Raw materials and manufactured products often vary in grade and quality, so, for many industries, tracking and control is essential to reduce waste, scrap and defects. SYSPRO enables you to implement continuous improvement by helping you to identify problems and points of waste as they happen.

  • SYSPRO queries and reports functionality enable you to specify approved manufacturers for raw material supplies, and easily track supplier performance. In addition, SYSPRO facilitates the tracking of materials from purchase through production to customer, thereby maximizing quality control and providing you with the tools to manage product recalls, should they occur.
  • You can flag purchased items as requiring inspection so that during receipting, detailed records of counts, inspection, scrap, rejects and returns is recorded. Units in inspection are visible, but unavailable for use until accepted into stock. Similarly, SYSPRO Work in Progress inspection gives you the tools to inspect manufactured product quality and, depending on the results, select to receipt, scrap or rework quantities.
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